Country Style Wedding….on any budget!


Creating a country styled wedding can be done on any budget. Start collecting little decorative jars and not the boring looking one. When you are buying your next jar of spaghetti sauce take a good look at the jar….some are far more decorative than others. You may just have to switch brands for a while.

Keep an eye out at thrift shops and discount stores for quirky items that will add character to your country style. It might be a vintage looking bird cage or old looking hat box.

Keep in mind though all these little thing add up really quickly so work out your budget for decorations and stick to it. Good decoration companies will have specialty items to hire at a fraction of the purchase price especially for some of the larger items.

Now remember that on the day of your wedding you will need someone to set up all your decorations because leaving it to the restaurant or reception venue may cost extra or it may be left to a waitress to put out and I am sure she will do her best but it may not be exactly how you pictured it. Don’t leave things to chance…there are no second chances with your wedding day.


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