Love is all around!

Wedding days are very busy days for me.  Although I still love to stand and listen to the couple’s wedding vows.  The committment of what they share, the promise of what will be and the amazing amount of love that is in the air…it still gets me every time.

I was lucky enough to share in the wedding of Jandamarra & Amy.  They selected a beautiful secluded location at First Bay, Coolum Beach.  I was overwhelmed by the number of guests and the amazing amount of love that was around them on the beach that day.

They decided to keep it simple but they managed to make it completely memorable by including their own special touches.  They asked a family member to play the guitar and sing, they included family and friends in the ceremony by asking them to bring forward items that represented things and placed them all in a box to keep.  They also included their little boy in the ceremony as well, not just the joining of two but the beginning of an amazing family.

We wish them all the best for their future together, we were honoured to share with them this special day.


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