Be open to new ideas

Every bride has imagined her wedding day from the time she was a little girl and even if she hasn’t got a clear picture – she generally knows what she doesn’t want….too much lace, hoop skirt, plunging neckline the list can go on and on. 

I think it is a good idea to get some images from magazines, photos, the internet of the dresses that you like.  But my biggest advice is to keep an open mind and try on at least a few gowns that differ from “what you think you like”. My wedding dress shopping would have been a very quick trip but the dress shown to me at the first wedding shop by my loving Aunt was very quickly discarded by me without a second glance.  There was no way she was going to convince me to try it on. 

After many many hours of looking we started to run out of dress shops and my excitement had been replaced with complete despair.  At the very end of a very long day, my aunt lovingly shoved a dress into the change room and said “just try it on”.  The tears rolled down my face, it was perfect (nothing at all like I had pictured in my head) just perfect – a simple alteration to the hemline and it was ready for my wedding day.

So try them on…even if it is only for the fun of it, you may be surprised with how much you like the dress or at least find new elements about the gown that you are attracted to (sweetheart neckline, fabric color, lace, beading, train length, etc.).


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