Best Job In The World…


I am told just about every other day that I have the best job in the world… by family, friends, brides and complete strangers!!

After being awarded the amazing title of “Australian Wedding Planner of the Year” for the second year running my head is still spinning.  I have always concidered myself a very hard worker and I am very committed to perfection! (this drives my husband, my team and many others completly crazy).   I am lucky enough to be able to spend my days surrounded by beautiful things, gorgeous flowers and amazingly creative people.  I am reminded almost daily (by my husband) that I am not really working because it’s my passion.  It is hard some days to argue the point with him.  Even at the end of a sixteen hour day when I am completely exhausted – all it takes is a glance from the bride & groom with an amazing smile pointed in my direction.  I know that we have managed to create a special moment in time for them, one they will never forget.  How can you call that a job!

 With most things in life your journey is never a simple one, mine has had many paths all of them varied and they have led me all over the world and for this I am truly grateful.  I have been involved in weddings my entire working life.  Starting out in 5 star hotels this gave me a wonderful understanding of the mechanics of event planning and the importance of customer service.  This would prove invaluable later in my life. I have always been creative so this with my obsession with perfection, I was truly destined to be a wedding planner.  Wedding Days have to be fabulous…there are no second chances!

 Opening my wedding business has allowed me to be creative, continue my passion and help couples create uniquely memorable wedding days.  Cloud Nine Weddings has helped over 2000 wedding couples say “I Do” with the wide variety of services that we offer, creative event styling, destination weddings and retail/online store. 

 To many of the people that I have worked for and the many people who have worked with me, I thank you for the experience and knowledge that has been shared.

 I’m in love with beautiful weddings, finding the hottest wedding products, finding inspirational ideas and helping couples with innovative ways to create picture perfect weddings on any budget. 

So I hope you enjoy my blog and I would love to hear from you, if you have any suggestions or need help then just let us know.  If you have found something that is worth sharing, then email us and we will follow up. 

Share this journey with me….enjoy!

Julie-Ann Brown


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